Disney is Open To Game Development From Indie Companies

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Disney has been heavily involved in gaming for years. Previously they owned Disney Interactive. Then they acquired Fox Next and LucasArts through company buy outs. They have since divested themselves of both gaming companies. Now they seem to focus mostly on licensed games with larger developers or games for mobile devices.

However, Disney is open to any good idea or game, even if it’s an Indie developer.  IGN has reported that during the E3 Showcase, the senior vice president of Walt Disney Games, Sean Shoptaw, told them that Disney is interested in working with anyone that has “interesting ideas.”

Here’s what Shoptaw said:

“Obviously we work with a lot of big AAA partners like Ubisoft, like Bethesda, like EA, and we’ll continue to do that. But we are very open to quality regardless of size, right? So if they’re strong indie that has a real passion and a vision for a story of ours, or a character or ours, or anything in our universe, we are all ears. I think that you’ll see stuff coming out over time here that really will back that up. So yeah, it’s not just about the big guys. The big guys, those are really important partners of ours, as I noted. But we’re hoping to work with a broad set of partners across the world.

Disney willingness to work with developers of different sizes isn’t exactly new news as they had mentioned something similar back in February of 2020.  Then they invited developers to “Come and Play” with their franchise catalog then.

It seems Disney is doubling down on the idea that a solid and imaginative idea can be good regardless of the developers size. Telling IGN:

An indie storyteller, a creative could work on another property within the Disney and Pixar collection of IP in a different way. Those smaller indie kind of experiences that are more personal…I think those are opportunities too.”

There you have it. Smaller developers Disney is again inviting you to play in their sandbox.

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Source: IGN

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