Disney Is Now Offering 10% Discount For Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber Experience After Plastic Bag Backlash


Yesterday we covered a story about guests reporting that the build your own lightsaber experience at Savi’s Workshop was giving out plastic bags instead of carrying cases with the experience. Now they are offering a 10% discount to try and fix the situation.

The experience is advertised on the website as coming with a carrying case, but due to “supply issues” they were out and improvised.

The problem was that they weren’t offering a discount or substitution for the issue and weren’t even letting people know there was an issue until after the “non-refundable” experience was over. For $220 plus tax, guests expected more protection for their fragile keepsake than a clear, umbrella bag.

This of course let to an issue. Disney of a few years ago would have automatically offered some kind of compensation, but Disney of today supposedly told people that the bag was complimentary and they could give you plastic and call it a carrying case.

Now, after the bad press, Disney is fixing the situation.

According to WDWNT, they are being told that guests are now given the discount with equates to about $22. This can allow guests to purchase the $50 bags at Dok Ondar’s for almost half price. This also would help cover shipping if a guest chooses to ship the item home. Something Disney should have offered in the first place for guests.

This seems like a fair compromise given the bags were probably valued at about $20 or so.

At least they did something about it, although it took a bunch of media outlets and influencers to get it out there, “publicly shaming” Disney into doing something they should have just done in the first place.

I do not know if the people from yesterday got any kind of credit to them for the situation, since they are offering the discount now, but they probably did.

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