Disney Is Looking For A Traditional Animation Trainee With Pay


Several years back Disney did something that I still think was not only short sighted but a big loss to the company, they gutted the Traditional Animation department. Only keeping a handful of traditionally trained animators. They haven’t done a traditionally animated film in years. Now, it seems, Disney wants to make sure the art form moves forward by hiring a Traditional Animation Trainee for a year.

The position starts in February, 2022.

According to Cartoon Brew:

The studio put out a job listing yesterday for a traditional animation trainee to take part in their 2022 talent development program. The 12-month paid position will include training in hand-drawn character animation, effects animation, and clean-up under the mentorship of four highly respected Disney veterans: Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn, Randy Haycock, and Rachel Bibb.

Here is the information in the listing.

As a Traditional Animation Trainee, the first four months of your program are structured to introduce you to the art of traditional animation, our studio culture, and our production environment providing you with nurturing mentorship with Disney artists. Your first month will allow you to train across the disciplines of traditional character animation, effects animation, and cleanup. You will then be able to commit to a single discipline of interest for the remainder of the training. A four month review provides you with real-time feedback and determines future assignments and promotional opportunities that would bring your skills into real-time production environments.

Your animation reel should demonstrate a strong understanding of acting and animation principles such as dialogue, pantomime, timing, clear staging, squash and stretch, anticipation, follow-through, and secondary action. Prior training should include anatomy and solving problems in weight, balance, movement, space, and proportion.

Disney is looking for someone 18 years or older. You can be an “emerging artist” with less than three years of animation industry experience or a recent graduate with a degree or equivalent experience.

It seems they want someone pretty new so they can train them to be what they are looking for.

You can find more information on the Disney job listing if you are interested!

With films like Klaus, that had ex-Disney animators on board, finding new and stunning ways to merge traditional 2D animation with computer animation, Disney needs to step up their game.  Once the “gold standard” for traditional animation, and innovation in animation, they are getting passed up by other studios.

If you are applying I wish you luck! I’m personally happy Disney is trying to bring fresh blood in and train for the future!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Cartoon Brew, Disney

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