Disney is Going to Use Trader Sam for the Jungle Cruise Finale…..Kind Of.


So Disney must have gotten tired of hearing people complain about Trader Sam being removed from the Jungle Cruise attraction. They announced that Trader Sam will be honored in the end of the attraction, but he isn’t actually there.

Of course. This way they can say they’re updating and being inclusive and still be able to sell merchandise and keep the bars named Trader Sam’s.

 Here’s a excerpt from the Disney Parks Blog:

“Word on the stream is that Alberta Falls, proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd., has entrusted her longtime friend, Trader Sam, to manage the new Lost & Found location.  But, with Trader Sam being Trader Sam, there’s always an opportunity to make some extra money. After all, all the best rides end with a gift shop, right?

Wait. So he’s stealing the lost and found items and selling them. That’s the “improvement” on the original to make it more culturally sensitive?

Okay.  But it does sound like something the character would do. The heads are still there too. I just don’t get why he can’t be there, but everything about his character can be. It just doesn’t make sense. The only change is that he’s visually not there.

This announcement comes after the backlash of the Orlando Sentinel “Guest Commentary” article complaining about Disney’s choices as of late, including the changes to the Jungle Cruise.

Personally, I still think it’s odd that the Orlando Sentinel posted that article given their political biases on their other content. Still seems like an attempt to get some quick clicks and putting it behind a paywall so people have to pay to read it and see what all the fuss is about, but I digress.

Anyways. Trader Sam is kind of, sort of, still part of the Jungle Cruise. Just now he isn’t just a top head hunter, he’s now moved onto a higher level of “deal making.”

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Source: Disney Parks Blog

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