Disney Is Doing Focus Group To Figure Out Why the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Isn’t Working


Earlier today I did an article about how Disney may have to offer holiday “events” at their ‘Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser’ hotel to get people to book. Bookings are not looking good after July through December.  Now it seems that Disney is trying to recruit past Galactic Starcruiser guests to participate in a paid focus group to figure out what went wrong.

According to Disneyland News Today some guests that previously completed a survey were sent and email entitled “Invitation to participate in research for Disneyland Resort.”

Those invited were given a 5-minute survey to complete to see if they qualified for the focus group. This survey was only about Walt Disney World, but the email title said it was for Disneyland.

I sincerely hope Disney isn’t dumb enough to build another one of these money pits in Disneyland. If they do they just make it a one day experience. But I digress.

If one is chosen for the focus group it will be 90-minuites and virtual. The dates place it between June 20- 23, 2022 and if you participate you get a $175 gift card.

It sounds like they are cherry picking the participants and the data by eliminating with survey questions.

I can same them some money. It’s too expensive for what it is and with prices going up. shortages and gas prices on the rise, most people can’t justify or afford it. It’s limited to the Disney sequel trilogy, which has divided the fandom. Finally, for many it’s a one-and-done experience, which is why I wrote my previous blog post.

Some possible solutions for you:

  1. Significantly lower the cost. From what I’ve seen nothing there is worth the price of admission.
  2. Perhaps make some days one day trips and allow more guests to come in for a few hours at a much reduced rate. Or do a dinner theater version of the experience.
  3. Offer special events, like mentioned in my previous article, but at a cheaper rate.
  4. Don’t let your people, story group or official accounts insult fans.
  5. Focus it on Original Trilogy or The Mandalorian
  6. There needs to be more for people to do. An open air atrium with jiggling rocks isn’t worth the price.
  7. The rooms are too small for the price tag. Larger rooms cost a lot more.
  8. Driving people around in a box truck isn’t exactly a $6k experience.

There Disney you can now send me $175 for this common sense information. Maybe if you spent less time bilking and vilifying your fans and more time listening you wouldn’t have as much trouble (That will be $350.)

Fans have been telling Disney what they want. They are spending their money on what they want. All Disney has to do is listen.

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