Disney Is Apparently Adding Masks Digitally To PhotoPass Images Now

Close up picture of the new pink and blue paint job on cinderella castle in Walt Disney World

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World recently then you know that you are required to wear a mask, even on attractions. Sadly people have been missing out on their PhotoPass images when other people don’t have their masks on. Disney would withhold the image, even if you weren’t violating the rules but someone else in your ride vehicle was.

Now it seems they have finally found a work around for this issue. We are hearing that they are digitally adding masks onto guests who weren’t wearing theirs or who’s mask may have slid down during their ride on an attraction. So the images can be released because the obviously doctored image shows a mask on the person’s face.

It only took them about five months.

I personally haven’t verified this because I haven’t been to the parks recently. In PA if you leave you have to quarantine for two-weeks and it isn’t worth the risk or hassle for us. However, I’ve seen individuals posting about it. And one person even said they called Disney and had their missing pictures edited and restored. Again, I can’t verify this story either, but it’s something you could possibly try to do if you are missing images due to other party members or ride vehicle parties not wearing their masks property.

I just hope this doesn’t increase the number of guests that won’t wear their masks properly because they aren’t worried about not getting their photos or being “caught.”  This might indeed happen since Disney is just working around the issue. Who knows.

But it’s at least a bit of good news for you.

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Source: Disney Groups

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