Disney Introduces New Star Wars Themed Cocktail Drink For $5,000


The brand new Disney Wish cruise ship is getting ready for its maiden voyage. It is Disney’s fifth cruise ship as part of their cruise line business, and looks to be one of the most expensive ships yet. So you can guarantee that setting sail aboard this ship won’t be cheap.

Multiple parts of the ship are made to include elements from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and even Star Wars. One of the Star Wars themed locations is the Hyperspace Lounge, which is a bar that serves alcoholic beverages.

Their menu can be seen below

– Batuu – Spire Sunset $15
– Coruscant – The Chancellor $20
– Mustafar – Breken’s Flow $16
– Tatooine – Freetown Reserve $20
– Astroid Belt – Pickled Mynock $16
– Hyperspace Lounge Glass $12

Zero Proof Drinks:

– Cloud City $7
-Cloud City with Porg Souvenir Glass $24
– Temple Twist $7
– Temple Twist with Porg Souvenir Glass $24

– Viandante Del Cielo – “Lungolago” $20 
– Viandante Del Cielo – “Wiandante” $33 
– Viandante Del Cielo – “Pristinvm” $27 
– Bastide de Margui, 1784 Rosé $20 
– Bastide de Margui, 1784 Vin Blanc $27 
– Bastide de Margui, 1984 Vin Rouge $33 
– Skywalker Pino Noir Rosé $14.50 
– Skywalker Chardony $18
– Skywalker Pinot Noir $31 
– Skywalker Sparkling $50 

– Batuuan Harvest Brew $10
– Mustafarian Black Ale $10

One of the drinks on the menu that got a lot of attention was the “Kaiburr Crystal” cocktail drink. Twitter user @AshleyLCarter1 shared a quick video of the drink being brought out, and it went viral. The reason? The price.

$5,000 plus tax is a lot of money to ask for just a simple cocktail.

Of course within minutes of the video being posted people on Twitter lost their minds.

In all honesty no drink like this should cost that amount of money. With today’s economy nobody in their right mind would pay $5,000 immediately for some cheap liquor. Unless you somehow gain force powers by drinking it the price should be no more than $50. I’d rather drink Luke’s Green Milk.

What do you think? Is such an alcoholic beverage worth the price in addition to an already expensive cruise trip?

Source: mickeyblog

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