Big Changes Coming to Stroller, Scooter Dropoff at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

(Photo: Undercover Tourist)

Beginning on October 1, there will be some major changes to how Guests can pick up a third-party strollers, scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility aids at Walt Disney World resort hotels.

According to Touring Plans, mobility aids can no longer be dropped off at bell services prior to your arrival. They also cannot be left by at bell services to be picked up by the vendor at the end of your trip.

In other words, you will need to arrange for a place and time to personally pick up and return your mobility device.

Here is a video by Kingdom Strollers, who issued the following statement…

“Disney has changed their policy for service providers starting October 1st. All orders PLACED after October 1st will need to meet with a representative for the delivery and return pick up of their rented item.

Orders placed before October 1st will still be allowed to be delivered and picked up through the resorts luggage desks.

So any order for Oct, Nov, Dec, etc that was placed before Oct 1st will continue to go through the luggage desks.

Any future orders placed after Oct 1st will need to meet with us for delivery and pick up.”

Will Grocery Deliveries to Disney Hotels be Affected?

Currently, vendors say that third-party grocery deliveries will not be affected by the new policy. However, these policies regarding third-party vendors seem to be in a state of flux right now and you may want to stay on top of any policy changes.

[Source: Touring Plans]

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