Disney Has Plans to Shut Down Hall of Presidents Should President Trump’s Condition Worsen


Different sources are reporting that Magic Kingdom management are paying close attention to the President of the United States’ health. Should President Trump become more gravely ill, or God forbid worse, the Magic Kingdom would shut down the current iteration of Hall of Presidents.

While Disney has always planned informally to close the attraction in the event of a presidential death or other catastrophe, the current thinking is that it might be in poor taste to have the animatronic Donald Trump speaking if the real Donald Trump is severely sick with COVID-19. It might generate negative response from guests should news change abruptly before Disney turns the lights out. And while the president is experiencing mild symptoms as of the writing of this article, it is something to monitor.

At the same time, closing the Hall of Presidents so close to an election can also trigger certain groups that might see it as a slight against the president. It’s likely Disney would need to be careful with its wording when temporarily closing the attraction.

All of this brings up the uncomfortable reality that Disney is in a bit of a pickle financially should Joe Biden win in November. While that might be better for their situation with the Shanghai park, it would (on a much smaller scale) cause them some strain as they would need to re-develop the Hall of Presidents attraction for another new president. Rumors swirling now are that Disney might seek to return to the pre-Clinton format in which the sitting president no longer speaks at length. If Donald Trump recovers from COVID-19 quickly and wins reelection, the show would almost certainly stay the same for another four years.

Previously there had been discussions about Lin Manuel Miranda, of Hamilton fame, and “Weird Al” Yankovic, of White and Nerdy fame, co-writing a new Hall of Presidents script. We’re not sure that Miranda is involved in that potential project any longer, but it does seem interesting that Weird Al just did a presidential debate music video that was both non-partisan AND humorous at a time when it’s difficult to do so.

“We’re All Doomed” by Weird Al Yankovic

However things go moving forward, this author wishes no harm on anyone, POTUS and FLOTUS included. And given that this is 2020, I’m fully prepared for this article to be outdated within five minutes due to a blood tornado destroying half the earth, or aliens contacting us with the intent to direct a new version of The Hall of Presidents. That’s just the year we’re living in… nothing can surprise at this point.

So are you worried about blood tornadoes more or less than Hall of Presidents? Let us know in the comments below.

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