Disney Has a Problem Booking Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Reportedly Cutting Cast Member Hours


There is a new report from WDWNT saying that Disney is only booking some cruises at 25% capacity which is causing Cast Members to have their hours cut  as Disney scales back dining to equal capacity.

According to WDWNT the total capacity for the Galactic Starcruiser is 502 people but the lack of bookings has led to cruises being booked at only 25% capacity and one of the two dinner show a night being cut.

As of publication, our reports indicated that a voyage in the upcoming week currently has reservations for 128 guests. It’s also a date with rooms still available to book. Due to the low number of occupants, Cast Members — particularly servers — are losing hours.

One dinner service for 128 guests is reportedly run with just 10 servers. Each server will be responsible for approximately 12 guests each, which is two to three times less than a normal evening. Gratuities for the Starcruiser are prepaid in the booking fees.”

Is this why there was a recent push by Disney to put out a casting call for the hotel? The employees are leaving?

Would this be an example of Bob Chapek’s “Supply and Demand” theory that he keeps going on about? The demand is barely there so they have to cut the supply to match? But they aren’t cutting the prices.

Remember the Galactic Starcruiser has a number of factors working against it.

First of all, it’s far too expensive for most people as it is $4,800-$6,000 starting price! Many are facing increased expenses as inflation and in impeding recession hit, they can’t justify that cost.

Secondly, for many fans it is a “One-and-done” experience. Disney tries to spin it that you can do it multiple times, but the first time “Wow” is gone.

Thirdly, it’s based on Disney’s sequel trilogy timeline and many are burned out on the constant ‘Star Wars’ shows and films. Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ is also when the fandom became fractured. Classic ‘Star Wars’ still sells.

Finally, people are turning against Disney as they keep hiking up prices. The Galactic Starcruiser represents everything Disney has been trying to do with price increases.

What’s interesting is that WDWNT say Disney is filling up bookings by offering people like travel agents, special cruises in exchange for promotion.

There have been enough vacancies on recent Galactic Starcruiser “voyages” that Walt Disney World hosted travel agents for a free three-day, two-night experience. Since our last report, no more dates have sold out at this time.

Other rumors have suggested that Disney is using steep Cast Member discounts to fill up the bookings, but it seems like that the demand there has dried up as well.  Currently the booking are not great.

Disney is focused on chasing customers with more money and they keep offering these expensive and niche offerings. However, demand for these offerings at the high price points is very limited. The company is going to have to lower their prices on the ‘Galactic Starcruiser’ or make some new offerings with new characters to entice previous guests back.

Plus, blue shrimp just looks gross.

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