Disney+ Gains 10 Million Subscribers After First Day of Launch


People have been inquiring as to how many subscribers Disney+ has. Even during the quarterly investor call Disney wouldn’t release any numbers, but they have given us one number-10 million.  That’s how many people Disney said signed up within the first day of launch.

Now keep in mind there is a 7-day free trial and we still have no idea how many pre-ordered or received free subscriptions. Disney said they will not give any more numbers out until the next investor call. I do find that a bit odd, but okay. It would be interesting to hear how many subscribers it has in total and of those, how many were paid subscriptions, but hopefully we will get that information in the next earnings call.

How did the launch go?

Yesterday Disney+ had a bit of a black eye as they experienced a bit of trouble with it crashing for a lot of people. We eventually got in, but we keep getting random German subtitles popping up through out videos. Hiccups are to be expected, but with the hype and the media push I would have thought they would have been a bit more prepared.

I will say that I definitely think it is worth the $6.99 price. There is a lot on the service to make Disney fans happy. The first thing my daughter did was watch “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” because she has wanted to see it for years. She has been glued to Disney+ since we finally got it to work. I can’t wait to show my kids some of the older movies I grew up with!

My parents were really excited about the service because there were a lot of classic Disney movies they grew up with that are hard to find. They reported that they were happy with the way they view and the “colors looked great.”

What kind of subscription outlook does the service have?

Disney has projected their subscriptions to be 60-90 million by 2024, and it will be rolling out the service to more locations in 2020.  Disney’s stock bumped up 5% today due to the new service. So there is definitely some positive news to offset the issues that plagued the service at launch.

I look forward to seeing how the content and the streaming service perform as time goes on.

What do you think?  Did you subscribe? Have you had any trouble? What are you most excited about? Comment and let us know!

Source: Variety

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