Disney Files Patent For Ground Shaking Technology


Disney has recently filed a patent for a “Haptic Floor System.”

This system apparently causes the floor beneath guests to shake and could be used in future attractions.

What’s really interesting is that they clearly are thinking about using the Hulk because the image clearly shows a large figure, with Hulk like hands (or the toy hands sold to kids), smashing the floor and causing it to shake.

Here’s part of the write up from the patent filing:

A haptic floor system is provided that produces large vibration-based effects through the use of one-to-many panel or plate assemblies that can each be selectively operated by a controller in a programmed manner or in response to sensor outputs. Each of these panel or plate assemblies may be labeled a “quake plate assembly” as the special effect delivered by the haptic floor system can provide a person supported by one of the quake plate assemblies with ground trembling and vibrations similar to that felt in an earthquake or when a super strong fictional character strikes the floor nearby or a large animal or robot walks or runs by the person. Each quake plate assembly may include a thin plate or panel with an upper contact surface for supporting people or objects and an opposite lower surface, and one-to-many actuators may be provided on the lower surface of the thin plate.

There are rectangular “quakeplates” that would attach together, and with motors and machinery, will mimic ground quakes like those felt in an earth quake or ground concussion.

So if a large robot would go by, or an explosion would happen, or even if the Hulk “Smashed” something, it could activate the shaking that guests would feel.

They even filed a Quake Meter with the patent:

I can’t wait to see what this is used for. Based on the information and the crowd image, it’s most likely something related to a Marvel attraction, possibly with the Incredible Hulk.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: WDWNT


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