Disney Faces Lawsuit Over Genie+ Patent Infringement.


Ever since its introduction in late 2021 the Genie+ application has been seen as a very divisive replacement for the old FastPass system at Disney theme parks. Instead of waiting in line you can now pay a certain amount of real world money to skip ahead. 

Disney Genie launching at Disneyland Dec 8, 2021

Most attractions cost around $15 per ride per day per person, with certain rides being nearly double that. Recently the Disneyland version of the Star Wars themed attraction Rise of the Resistance updated their asking price and it now costs $25 per person.

Some have compared the practice to the old ticket booth system from when the park originally opened, except instead of free park entry you’re now paying nearly $200 at the gate just to get in.

Now it appears that not just park guests are upset with this new system, as a new lawsuit claims that the Genie+ application violates a pre-existing patient infringement.

On December 2nd tech company Agile Journey LLC filed a lawsuit against the corporate giant with the U.S. District Court claiming that the technology that Disney uses for guests to navigate the theme parks copies their own patented tech.

Details via the Orlando Business Journal claim that they assert that the technology used in the Genie+ app violates their 2002 patent named the “Method and Apparatus for Providing Visitors with a Personalized Itinerary and Managed Access to Attractions.”

They would go on to claim:

The latter is a paid version released in 2021 that provides add-ons such as ride time reservations. Agile Journeys alleges Disney infringes on Agile Journeys’ patent published in 2002, dubbed ‘Method and Apparatus for Providing Visitors with a Personalized Itinerary and Managed Access to Attractions,’ which describes a personalized itinerary system for attraction visitors.

Disney has infringed and continues to infringe (literally and/or under the doctrine of equivalents), directly, indirectly, and/or through subsidiaries, agents, representatives or intermediaries, one or more claims of the patent by making, using, testing, supplying, causing to be supplied, selling and/or offering for sale in the United States the Disney Genie system, including the Disney Genie App.

Agile also claims that when Disney attempted to patent their own technology they had been “rejected”.

Notwithstanding Disney’s knowledge of Agile’s patent, Disney has knowingly or with reckless disregard willfully infringed the patent. Disney has acted despite an objectively high likelihood that its actions constituted infringement of the patent. The objective risk that Disney infringed the patent was known or so obvious that it should have been known to Disney.

It is not currently know how much Agile is seeking in damages, but if this case holds up it could be a significant payout. That is if Disney doesn’t make it “disappear” like many of their other lawsuits.

Source: WDWNT

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