Disney Employee Speaks Out Against The Company’s Recent Actions


The Walt Disney Company find themselves in a crossfire as people from all sides criticize the company over their stance on the recent “Parental Rights in Education Bill” that was just signed into Florida law by Governor Ron DeSantis. Some argue that Disney should have done more to prevent the bill form passing. Others say that Disney should stay out of politics. We can now see that there is also conflict from within the company itself. 

Jose Castillo, an employee for Disney in Florida, recently sat down with Fox News. He expressed how the company is only listening to one side of the workforce while the rest are seemingly ignored; In addition to planning a counter-protest to steer the company away from politics:

I’ve been saying this all week long. It’s basically a fact of ‘a squeaky wheel gets the grease’. There’s a vocal group, which is the LGBT community, who wanted to make their voiced heard. Conservatives for the most part, and even people who’re moderate, who are  in favor of this bill, that thank God Gov. DeSantis signed into law. We’ve just been silent.

We need to raise our voice. As a matter of fact I can tell you that we’re in talks of planning a rally. There’s a lot of people who are in denial, that we are the silent majority. So we’re gonna show them. We’re in the early stages of planning a rally so that people know. The left-wing media and Disney, they are gonna hear our voices. They are gonna know that we are the majority.

Ever since Jose has began speaking out he has said that he has gotten support from Disney employees from all over the country:

My Phone’s been off the hook. I can’t answer enough messages from cast members all over, even all the way from California, people I don’t know, reaching out to me saying ‘Thank you for taking a stance’.

In addition for working at Disney, Jose Castillo is running for Florida Congress this year’s 2022 Election.

Source: Fox News

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