Disney Dragged Into Johnny Depp Defamation Battle by Amber Heard’s Legal Team


The Walt Disney Company and the LAPD are being dragged into the messy legal battle between Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp and Aquaman star Amber Heard.

While Depp lost his defamation suit against tabloid The Sun last year, evidence came out that painted Heard in a poor light as well.

However, Heard has thus far not suffered the potentially irreparable career damage that Depp has. Warner cut ties with Depp after his loss, and the word is that Disney will move ahead on further Pirates of the Caribbean movies without Captain Jack Sparrow.

More recently, Heard has been accused of lying under oath about charitable donations to a children’s hospital and the ACLU.

According to Deadline, Heard’s legal team are digging for dirt on Depp via correspondence with Disney.

In subpoenas submitted today, Heard wants to know what the Los Angeles Police department and Walt Disney Motion Picture Group have on the ex-Pirates of the Caribbean actor. Information that she and her Virginia attorney want produced in the coming weeks.

In fact, in the case of Disney, Heard and her Charlson Bredehoft Cohen & Brown, P.C. lawyers want not just paperwork on what really was going on with Depp during the “filming, including shooting and re-shooting, on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”They are also pressing for a February 18 virtual deposition from the House of Mouse on the matter.

Specifically, Heard seems to be looking for insight from Disney into Depp’s drug and alcohol use which could support her position that Depp was, in fact, a “wife beater.”

Heard’s team wants “all information relating to documents and communications of any nature” on Depp and “incidents of drug or alcohol use (including suspected drug or alcohol use).” They’re also seeking details about “any delays or tardiness caused by Mr. Depp,” “any incidents of violence or abuse by Mr. Depp” any info on impute the actor had or “hiring, casting” and “disagreements with the writers, directors or producers with the filming, editing and/or release of Pirates 5.”

Heard’s legal team is also looking for “all information relating to all documents and communications of any nature between Disney and Mr. Depp from January 1, 2018 through the present.

The LAPD was also slapped with a subpeona on Thursday for body cam footage and Heard’s team is looking for “all documents and communications of any nature with Mr. Depp, and/or any of Mr. Depp’s agents, attorneys or others acting on his behalf, from May 21, 2016 through the present.”

It’s very likely that if Disney isn’t done with Johnny Depp already, they may be after being dragged into this mess again.

But the real question is: Will Disney ever work with Amber Heard, as she doesn’t seem to be an angel herself, and its her legal team that’s putting them through this?

[Source: Deadline]


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