Disney Dining Plan: Is It For You? Good Reasons To Buy It


Disney dining plan becomes a working part of a Walt Disney World vacation again starting in January 2024. Should you buy the Disney dining plan? What are some good reasons to pay for this plan?

Disney Dining Plan
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At this point, we lack all the details about the return of the dining plan. In fact, we still lack the price for the two plans. We have some information released by Disney, however. In a previous article, we listed some reasons not to buy the Disney dining plan. Still, some groups benefit from these dining plans. For them, there exist many reasons to buy it.

Disney Dining Plan: Reason To Buy #1 – Convenience

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People who claim they only visit Walt Disney World when they have the Disney dining plan claim this reason as the main one. Some groups feel they need to have an all-inclusive feel to their vacations. With almost all food and beverage paid for in advance, the Disney dining plan helps that. This reduces the “nickel and dime” effect Walt Disney World guests have experienced more over the last three years.

The convenience defeats the fact that guests end up paying more in the long run. The convenience factor on vacation creates a more relaxing and enjoyable time at Walt Disney World.


For example, with the dining plan, if a kid is hungry, use a snack credit. If someone is thirsty, use a dining credit. Since you do not want any credits left over, this convenience of dining aids in your vacation.

Pay Over Time

Many people find it easier to pay for the Walt Disney World vacation over the course of the year in advance. The Disney dining plan aids with that. We are not debating if it saves you money in the end. However, the feeling of having almost all your food and beverage expenses at Walt Disney World covered before you arrive creates a better vacation for many.

Still, the fact that your credit card is not littered with charges for food when you get back home helps. Of course, it might be full of Genie+ purchases, so good luck with those.

Disney Dining Plan: Reason To Buy #2 – Freedom

Disneu Dining Plan
Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre
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Many Walt Disney World visitors miss out on some excellent dining experiences since they do not want to spend too much money on food and beverage. The Disney dining plan allows guests to order almost anything on the menu. We assume this will be true when it returns, but we must wait for the final details later this month.

Disney Dining Plan
Hangar Steak from “Skipper’s Canteen”

Depending on the plan purchased, you might enjoy an extra alcoholic beverage since it came as part of your plan. Also, you might find out you really enjoy a new entrée, which you would have avoided paying for out of pocket. That could become your favorite new food. That would not have happened without the dining plan freedom. You can go from the basic salad with chicken to steak with three sides simply due to buying the dining plan. Who knows, you might discover you love the Hangar Steak at “Skipper’s Canteen” in Magic Kingdom.

The Disney dining plan also empowers users to be more adventurous with their dining choices. Perhaps you want to try a certain menu item, but it seems too expensive. The dining plan allows you to try it without guilt over maybe not liking it and wasting money. You have already spent the money, so you might as well use it at this point.

Disney Dining Plan: Reason to Buy It #3 – Character Dining

Disney Dining Plan 

These prepaid plans empower you to book character dining meals you normally would have ignored. If done correctly, you might save significant money compared to without it. You might do several different character meals during your Disney vacation that you would not have done otherwise. The unexpected memorable moments that can happen at a character breakfast cannot be replicated by having a meal at the food court at your hotel.

Disney Dining Plan: Reason to Buy It #4 – Forced Relaxation     

The dining plan forces you to slow down during your Walt Disney World vacation. Instead of racing from one attraction to another, you must stop and eat. You already paid for it so that you can schedule a dining break several times a day.

The unexpected positive of taking those breaks from the busyness of a theme park day comes back to benefit your group later in the day and later in your vacation.

Do Your Research

Like all Walt Disney World products, you should do your research. Walt Disney World would not sell the dining plans unless it made them more money. However, a valid argument can be made for why you should buy the Disney dining plan. Do your research to see if it is worth it for you. We will update our blog when Walt Disney World releases the final details. As always, eat like you mean it!

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