Disney Developing New Interactive Technologies For Costumed Characters and Special Effect Immersion


Before I start this article I want to state that this information comes from WDWNT, so full credit to them. You can read more about these patents on their site.

Disney has filed for two new patents. One is for tech to be used with costumed characters or vehicles and one is for a device that a cast member or guest can use to trigger special audio/visual effects.

First up, Costumed Characters:

Disney has filed a patent for  “See Through Operator Awareness Tool Using Synthesized Viewpoints”

Basically, there are cameras that record what is in the area and the costume wearer can see what is around him or her without having external openings for vision. Let’s face it, those costumes offer limited vision and Disney could make them a lot more exciting if they had a way for cast members to see without having to design vision into the actual costume.

It could also see it being used for parades or other events as well.

Secondly, Interactive Audio and Visual Device

Disney has also filed another patent for “Interactive Device With Multiple Antennas

This is something like the wands at the Wizarding World, but since the design is a snowflake maybe it’s something for a Frozen tie in? A wand wielder will be able to use movement or buttons to interact with a programmed target.

I could see this being used for an updated Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom or for the adventures in the World Showcase. Or possibly for a cast member to use during a performance or show. There are lots of uses for this project.

Either way it might get a lot more exciting at the Disney Parks in the coming years. Right now it’s all just starting so we might get different versions if anything at all, so keep it as rumored. It’s still really cool though.

If you would like more information check the sources below. They have more information.

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