Disney Cruise Lines Will Temporarily Close Main Terminal at Port Canaveral in 2020


Disney Cruise Lines will be temporarily shutting down it’s main terminal, Terminal 8, in June for a five-month refurbishment. This is to allow the installation of a new curtain wall, seat replacement, ticket counter removal and extension of the drop-off canopy.

If you are sailing this summer don’t worry, this will not affect the cruise sailings because Disney has an agreement with Port Canaveral to use Terminal 10 while Terminal 8 is being refurbished.

Disney is likely doing a lot of renovations to accommodate the new, larger, “Triton Class” cruise ships that are coming in 2022.

So if you are sailing this summer keep this in mind. I’m sure everything will be arranged to be easy like it mostly is with Disney Cruise Line.

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Source: Spectrum News 13

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