Disney Cruise Lines Ranked #1 and #9 in the 2019 Conde Nast Traveler Awards


Disney Cruise Lines are a great and popular option for guests wanting to take a family cruise to different locations. From the Bahamas to Canada, they offer a range of trips.

Currently Disney has four ships: The Disney Dream (large ship), The Disney Magic (medium ship), The Disney Wonder (medium ship) and The Disney Fantasy (large ship.) There are three new ships coming to the fleet, with one launching each year between 2021 and 2023.

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Each year Conde Nast does a Traveler Award for various categories in cruise lines.

Condé Nast Traveler readers rank the top cruise lines in the world, from mega ships to river cruises. Your top picks are all repeat winners, with Crystal leading the pack as No.1 in not one, but three categories. Seems you loved being on the water?”

There are six categories that include:

Mega Ship (more than 4,000 passengers,) Large Ships (2,500-4,000 passengers,) Medium Ship (500-2,500 passengers,) Small Ships (less than 500 passengers,) and River Cruise Ships

This year Disney Cruise Lines won the top award for the Large Ship category with a 91.72% over the competitors.

Here’s the breakdown.

Now Disney did win in that one category, that they’ve won 8 years in a row.

But, what they didn’t mention that they took 9th place in a the second category they qualified for– Medium Ships.

Again, their numbers weren’t bad. Maybe it was because there is more competition in the medium category, but they still scored 9th place. It’s worth noting that the top spot was almost 9 points ahead of them though and significantly higher than their “win” numbers for the Large Ship category.  Of course you are only going to hear about the 1st place win from Disney.

Should I take a Disney Cruise?

By no means does this mean you shouldn’t take a Disney cruise. They are a lot of fun and if you want an alternative to the parks but still an immersive Disney experience it is a fantastic option. We do recommend them! Definitely go! It’s the best choice in the Large category so look into The Disney Dream or The Disney Fantasy!

But if you just want to take a cruise and don’t care about the Disney aspects, it isn’t the best choice in the Medium category.

Let’s just hope Disney takes some notes and ups it game for the Medium Ship category going forward. There’s no reason they can’t be #1 in both categories. That’s the positive take and it gives them something to strive for.

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Source: Conde Nast, Disney Parks Blog

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