Disney Countdown to Halloween: Pirates of the Caribbean George The Ghost

(Photo Credit: Kairi Pratt)

Since it is October and Halloween is coming, I thought it would be fun to do a bit of a count down with some spooky stories, Halloween history, park looks and more!

For day one I chose to tell you the tale of George who allegedly haunts ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ at the Walt Disney World resort. Apparently superstitions aren’t just for real pirates.

They story goes that George was a Disney Imagineer who died in the 1970’s when the attraction was being built. Supposedly he was welding and either fell or was crushed, the story has been told different ways over the years.

Since that time the ride is said to be haunted with Cast Members “reporting” seeing George on the ride monitors, when they can’t see the apparition with their own eyes. Some say that there are phone calls to the control room from an inside line and no one is there. They have had objects moved and have heard footsteps and no one is there.

Guest and Cast Members will feel a presence or a “chill” in the fire room, especially near the bridge. Some guests have reported seeing a person by an exit door as well.

It’s such a legend that Cast Members are said to tell George “good morning” and “good night” over the ride’s PA system, because if they don’t the ride tends to misbehave, breaking down or having issues. It’s also been reported that sometimes the attraction will  turn on by itself at night.  It’s always better just to say “Good Night George” or “Good Morning George” to avoid any issues.

The story goes that you never disrespect George or the attraction. If guests do they could end up in the middle of a ride breakdown or issue. I know I always think about George every time we ride Pirates. I definitely make sure not to do anything to disrespect the resident ghost. Disney rides have been having plenty of trouble as of late and I surely don’t want to tempt fate by insulting a potential ghost.

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