Disney Completely Removes Bluey Season 3 Fart Episode and Censored Others


If you have kids that are fans of ‘Bluey’ you may have heard about Disney’s censorship on the show. Apparently they just removed an episode from Season 3 over farting. They have made other changes to episodes this season as well.

The controversial Season 3 episode of ‘Bluey’ was called ‘Family Meeting.’ What was so bad about it? Well the episode has Bandit farting in Bluey’s face. Now let’s be honest here. It happens. We’ve all accidentally left one go near someone before. It’s relatable, but Disney thought it was too “inappropriate.”

Here is the synopsis of the missing episode:

After Bandit is accusing of passing wind in Bluey’s face, “Your Honor” Chilli calls a family meeting where he is put on trial. There is discussion of his meal (sauerkraut) prior to his alleged “fluffy” as the judge hears both sides. When the parents learn Bluey was also at fault in the scenario, Chilli refers to her as “Bluey Christine Heeler” revealing her middle name.

Other changes were made to Bluey Season 3 as well:

  • Bandit got hit in the groin in one episode and they removed that.
  • Buttermilk the pony had pooped and they removed it.
  • They took an Argentinian “day-laborer” and made them a backpacker.
  • Apparently there was a conversation about vasectomies between Bandit and Fido that was changed to teeth removal.
  • Another episode Agatha threated to pee on curtains and now it says she’s going to scratch the curtains.
  • Aunt Trix was on the toilet in an episode and that was changed as well.

This is the “inappropriate” Buttermilk the horse scene:

Here is a comparison video showcasing Bandit’s hit to the groin and Aunt Trix:

While I get that sometimes cultures vary on what’s acceptable or funny, but these mostly seem like acceptable and funny situations to me. The vasectomy talk, maybe not so much, but the original versions of the other situations were fine and relatable.

All of the changes have led to a petition for Disney+ to stop over-censoring the show!

Removal and editing of parts of the beloved show Bluey in the US is unnecessary and frustrating for people who pay a subscription to enjoy the full extent of content. The censored items are usually natural things (pooping, farting, a comical depiction of childbirth). Parents should be able to control the content their kids consume, not have the option taken away for them. We pay for this subscription so we can watch this show that has taken the world by storm! Let’s show them we want the whole package!

The petition was posted two days ago and has about 106 signatures so far.

There are a couple other “banned” episodes of the show. The first one was called “Teasing” and it was banned do to a character saying a term deemed derogatory to Indigenous Australians. The episode called ‘Flat Pack’ also has something similar. They did redub the ‘Teasing’ episode with something else.

‘Dad Baby’ was also banned because Bandit reenacted child birth.”

Some changes or removals make sense while others do not. Buttermilk pooping and Bandit taking a hit to the crotch aren’t things I would demand censored as a parent. It does seem Disney is going a bit overboard on censoring.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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