Disney College Program and Cultural Exchange Programs Still Temporarily Suspended


Previously we reported that some Walt Disney World Cast Members are being called back to work. For others, who might not be in a necessary position yet, they too can return to work if they wanted to fill one of the open positions instead of waiting for their position to come back. The downside is that if they go to the necessary position they have to accept the pay for that post, even if it’s significantly lower than what they were making before. However, if they do accept the job, it will be a “temporary transfer.”

On top of that we are hearing that the College Program and Cultural Exchange Programs are going to remain temporarily suspended and full-time Cast members will be put in those positions until the programs resume. If nothing else, this will show how much Disney relied on “interns.”

As of now even the World Showcase countries will be staffed by regular Cast Members and not those from their respective countries. It’s going to be different for sure.

During a Union 362 call this was confirmed:

The representative told workers they should have received calls letting them know that they could return to work in the areas of greater need like attractions and custodial.

You should have received a call yesterday from Disney HR saying that you have the option to submit for a temporary transfer to a numbers of jobs where there will be a greater need. Attractions and Custodial has a greater need for workers than the current amount that people have, or are assigned to areas. Because of the amount of College Program cast members that used to work in our jobs. The company is going to have to bring in more full timers to staff that than they used to have. ”

You can see the entire video HERE.

Other rumors are circulating that we likely won’t see Cultural Exchange Program students until next years as the current recruitement is saying the start dates are January 2021.

It’s going to be different for sure. Maybe Disney should consider switching more of the positions to actual employees and not rely so heavily on interns.

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Source: Facebook, Chip and Co.


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