Disney CEO Bob Chapek Offers More Information In CNBC Interview


Earlier today Disney announced their reopening plans with a phased opening with Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom opening on July 11 and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT opening on July 15.

After the announcements, Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, participated in yet another interview with CNBC, going into a bit more detail about their reopening plans.


He was asked why they chose to open later than their competitors and here’s what he said:

We want to make sure that what we present to our guests when we open up, is going to be a quintessential Disney experience. And while we will have substantially lower numbers of guests we want to make sure we do it in a responsible way so that they can make those lifelong memories that last a lifetime.

She then asked him what the capacity was going to be as they reopened Shanghai with less than 30%. But he doesn’t give a number. 

We’re not going to give any specific number because there’s no government guidance necessarily as to how dense we can be…

Well that’s reassuring.

He continued “..I will say our capacity a function of the 6-foot social distancing guidance that we have from the CDC. So, the number of people we put in the park, will be a function of that calculation. Because we will always try to maintain that 6-foot distancing.

So, they aren’t giving a number or percentage, but are going to calculate how many people they can allow in and try to have 6 feet of distance in between?

It must have seemed like a non-answer to her as well because she then asked if they would receive better guidelines on capacity before they reopened.

Chapek responded with:

We do not expect to get that. I think that, you know, uhh, the Walt Disney company has a long history of being very responsible. We were the first attraction based, uhh, group in Florida to close initially when COVID first hit, and I think there’s a certain amount of trust in the brand, and trust in the way we operate, that we’ll do it responsibly and do it on behalf of not only our guests but our Cast Members.

We don’t know how many people they will be allowing into the parks, but we do know what kinds of guidelines and precautions they are putting into place.

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Source: CNBC


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