Disney Cancels Stage Presentation at CinemaCon Over COVID Concerns


Disney is cancelling it’s on stage presentation for the 2021 CinemaCon which takes place August 23-26 in Las Vegas.  It was to take place at Caesar’s Palace. The reason they’ve given was due to concerns over the increasing numbers due to the COVID-19 Delta variant in that area.

They have informed the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), the event host,  that they will not be sending their executives and staff to present.  Which is ironic considering that NATO has recently called Disney out, blaming them for “Black Widows” huge second week fall due to their simultaneous Disney+ and theatrical releases.

Instead of doing a stage presentation they are going to use their time to screen one of their upcoming movies and they will present virtually. Yet all the other studios are still sending in people to present.

To say that NATO isn’t happy with them would be pretty accurate. So it makes one wonder if they are doing this as pay back. Stream an upcoming film, presenting virtually, in their time slot, right after they got slapped down by the organization for Premier Access causing steep declines for the box offices.

It’s also strange given how they have no problem raising theme park capacity and cramming as many walking dollars, I mean guests, into the parks as they can get away with, and putting those Cast Members in harms way. But this small group can’t come due to the Delta Variant.  So is Disney going to reclose theme parks too? (I’m kidding. Of course they won’t unless forced to)

So Disney is either possibly trying to stick it to NATO or they’re trying to protect employees but only the executives and their people. Either way it isn’t a good look.

If they screen a movie that was slated only for Disney+ that might not be seen as a tacky move, but it’s Disney so who knows.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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