Disney+ BLOCKS Halloweentown Movies on Kids Accounts?!


With more and more people talking about the amount of censorship and content warnings on Disney+, you can expect people to uncover more blocked and censored content as time moves on.

First it was Peter Pan and Dumbo. Then they came for The Muppet Show.

The latest movie series that’s seemingly too spicy for kids? The classic Disney Channel Halloweentown movie series.

All of the Halloweentown movies are on Disney+, but only for adult profiles.

Kids can only watch Halloweentown High, for whatever arbitrary reason.

Poking around the site, we’ve found that several other classic live-action Disney Channel and theatrical movies are also unavailable on Kids profiles, including Hocus Pocus and Mr. Boogedy.

So is it the horror element that’s the problem?

Well, no, because the Disney Zombies movies are both accessible to kids.

As best as we can tell, it likely has something to do with Disney’s internal ratings system. According to this article, Disney+ Kids profiles can only view content that’s rated G, TV-Y, TV-Y7/Y7-FV, or TV-G.

But it’s strange that movies like Descendants and Zombies are available, but Halloweentown is not given how very tame the series is.

Consumers need to be eagle-eyed to spot changes and censorship in digital media. Even Netflix has been blasted for attempting to censor relatively tame films.

Physical media is still the best a to avoid a never ending cycle of studios and streamers trying to stay “current year.”

The Halloweentown movies starred the late, great Debbie Reynolds and focused on a family of witches and the world of Halloweentown. The first filmed premiered on Disney Channel in 1998 and has become something of a cult hit. It spawned three sequels.

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