Disney Announces Imagineer Designed ‘Storyliving’ Community–Fans Call Them Out


Today Disney made a big announcement about their new Imagineer designed ‘Storyliving by Disney’ Community they are building, likely for the 1% and it seems like it is the first of others planned by how they talk. This particular one is called Cotino, a Storyliving by Disney community, and “it will be built in the heart of the Coachella Valley in Rancho Mirage, California.

While their Cast Members try to get livable wages, and while parks need repairs and updates, Disney is spending their money building “communities” designed by Imagineers.

Here’s the Parks Blog spin:

Storyliving by Disney, vibrant new neighborhoods that are infused with our special brand of magicEach community will feature distinctively designed spaces, unique amenities and Disney’s brand of world-renowned service.

Oh it get’s better!

These master-planned, new home communities are intended to inspire residents to foster new friendships, pursue their interests and write the next exciting chapter in their lives —all while enjoying the attention to detail and special touches that are Disney hallmarks.

At each location, including some neighborhoods for residents ages 55+, Disney cast members trained in the company’s legendary guest service will operate the community association. Through a club membership, Disney will also provide access to curated experiences, such as wellness programming; entertainment ranging from live performances to cooking classes; philanthropic endeavors; seminars and much more.

Club membership for curated experiences. That’s okay Cast Members can sill be included as they operate the “community association.”

Disney put up a video on YouTube and they are getting ratioed HARD!

Here are some of the comments on the video:

KM: “I was hoping they were going to finally build another theme Park with new things that would make sense in it. When when !! Plus fixing up the animatronics. Repainting all over , the parks , treating the cast members with better pay and bonuses, housing ,food for them.

MW: “This has been tried before and it prices out everyone except the 1%. If Disney really wants to bring the magic, how about master planned Disney communities with affordable housing, priced for the middle class (whatever that means these days)? Sure, the demand would be overwhelming, so perhaps a lottery, administered fairly, would need to occur. But the success could breed additional communities. If anyone could do something like this for the working families who love Disney, it could be Disney. I realize the likelihood is small, but a wish is a dream your heart makes, so….

CQ: “Another creative wonderful experience. . . For millionaires . . Good job Disney. . .

KR: “Cast members are still out here living in their cars but please, make more “experiences” exclusively for rich people by all means

TTTAT: “Parks need updates, repairs, a 5th gate, cast members need more help and fix moral, but here we are building Golden Oaks 2.0. Lets focus on what you do best vs building gated community’s for old rich people.

JP: “Much like Celebration, I doubt that 85% of Disney employees would be able to afford to live in those communities. And I could guarantee that the houses would be a few million.

It goes on and on. You can read the comments HERE.

People know Disney is focusing more on more on the wealthier “whales” and pushing people out. To be fair no pricing has been released yet, but in California, and with “club level” experiences being listed it’s going to be Golden Oaks 2.0.

I can’t wait till they start leveraging the Metaverse and NFTs too.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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