Disney Announces Brand New Shows Exclusively For Disney Plus

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With Disney Plus expanding its efforts into creating original programing Disney has announced three all new shows currently in development for the streaming platform. The three shows include two originals with Wedding Season and Culprits with the third show being an origin story of Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea called Nautilus

Wedding Season will star Rosa Salazar of Alita: Battle Angel fame as Katie. The story will follow Katie as “A picture-perfect bride who we meet on her wedding day surrounded by the dead bodies of her new husband and every member of his family. The police think her lover Stefan did it. Stefan thinks Katie did it. Katie thinks her ex-husband did it. And no one knows for sure what the truth is.

Culprits is said to star Nathen Stewart-Jarret, known for E4’s Misfits series, and will show “what happens after a heist, when the crew have gone their separate ways, but are being targeted by a killer one-by-one“.

The final show, Nautilus, is said to be repurposing a proposed 2013 Remake of the 1954 film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea starring Kirk Douglas based on the classic Jules Verne novel from 1870. The synopsis states “Nemo is an Indian Prince robbed of his birthright and family, a prisoner of the East India Company and a man bent on revenge against the forces which have taken everything from him. But once he sets sail with his ragtag crew on board the awe-inspiring Nautilus, he not only battles with his enemy, he also discovers a magical underwater world.

The shows are currently under the “UK Stars Originals” banner as they are primarily British developed shows and will premier on the Star Streaming Service in the U.K. before eventually coming over to Disney Plus in the United States. This is part of the Star Service developing original programing, which is Disney’s International equivalent to Disney Plus.

Which of these shows are you looking forward to?

Source: Chip & Co. 

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