Disney and Verizon are Teaming Up Again To Offer Some Customers Free Disney+, Hulu And ESPN+ Bundle

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Disney and Verizon are again partnering up to offer free service to some Verizon customers. This time, select customers will receive free Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Last year Verizon offered a year of free Disney+ to select customers, mostly those with FiOS, 4G LTE Unlimited, and 5G Unlimited customers.

Now, starting on Thursday, August 20, customers who use the “Play More Unlimited” or “Get more Unlimited” packages will receive a free Disney bundle  that includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. They free bundle will be rolled into their monthly plan cost.

Disney’s, Executive Vice President of Platform Distribution, Sean Breen said in a press release:

The addition of The Disney Bundle to our agreement with Verizon reinforces our commitment to providing their subscribers with access to high-quality entertainment from Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+. We are always looking for the most advantageous ways for consumers to experience our content and we are pleased to work with Verizon so that they can provide their customers with these appealing new offers.

Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon has said that it’s ‘win-win” for both companies and has previously stated that the partnership had exceeded their already high expectations. I’m sure the deal being offered ahead of the holidays probably helped the companies gain new customers.

According to Deadline there will be two other wireless plans that will qualify for six months of free Disney+, but not Hulu and ESNP+.

I wonder if Disney is counting these subscriptions as “paid” because they are probably getting some money from Verizon. I noticed during the Q3 Investor call they made sure to say PAID subscribers in their subscriber numbers. Especially since Disney indicated that the partnership deal netted them “more than 20% of new subscriptions in the first two months.” Verizon is surely paying Disney a monthly fee per “free” account so it can be argued that all those “free subscriptions” are actually paid.

The team-up really is a “Win-Win” for both companies.

It’s definitely enough of a gain for both companies to return to the table and do another deal for the next year too. Disney needs their streaming service to perform since the pandemic closed the theaters and parks for months. It’s clear they are banking on Disney+, especially with their new “Premier Access” they are going to offer for the “Mulan” release.  Verizon isn’t as reliant on “in person” activities like Disney, and they have phone and internet services, so the shut-down probably gave them a boost.

Since AT&T owns Warner Media and HBO Max, it’s a strategic move for Disney and Verizon to hit back against both of their competitors.

Moving forward Verizon plans on launching a “vigorous promotional campaign across various media as well as plugging the bundle at its retail locations, which have mostly reopened with extra health and safety precautions.”

I’m sure it will again work out well for both companies.

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Source: Deadline

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