Disney and Coca-Cola Reportedly Planning to Switch to Non-Plastic Bottles

White plastic water bottle

Lately we’ve had plenty to report on Disney that’s quite negative. That’s why it feels good to finally have an overall positive scoop to relay to our Pirates and Princesses readers. Before we get into the main story, let me take a moment to address some of the rumors floating around out there…

No, at this time we do not have any corroboration on rumors that Pedro Pascal may be leaving The Mandalorian. We’re working to find out how likely that story is, but at this time we cannot comment. We’re also not able to corroborate any rumors that Jon Favreau may step away from the Star Wars Favloni Universe. We have heard zilch about any efforts to rehire Gina Carano, but we will let you know if that changes. And as for Snyder being brought in for Star Wars work, we are checking with sources, but there is nothing to relay at the moment. We know that stuff is out there, but it is important to us that what we report here is pretty well researched – just like when we reported that Mark Hamill was likely to be featured as young Luke via CGI de-aging, we want you to know that it’s likely to happen.

So, with that out of the way, we’ve got an interesting rumor about Walt Disney World that seems to be quite likely. For those of you who’ve forgotten all about Walt Disney World, it is formerly Disney’s crown jewel of all its assets, now forfeited to Disney+. It’s also where the canopy of Tron is shaping up nicely, although work on the interior has stopped… another story we reported on and got absolutely right.

But our story today is about Disney seemingly working with Coca-Cola on a plan to phase out all – or nearly all – plastic bottles sold inside the parks starting in 2022. This is dependent on testing being carried out in Europe on all-new paper-based bottles and caps in the near future, but both sides may be confident that they can pull this off in 2022, or 2023 at the latest. Now again, this is just a rumor, but we are hearing that the bottles may be made out of a newly designed paper material that is lined with some sort of plant-based interior preventing the soda from penetrating the rest of the container. What will be very interesting will be the paper lids and how Coca-Cola may end up designing those to function so that they are both sealed and easy to remove.

Getting to a point where we as a society are using less plastic containers is a wonderful goal. Not only does this prevent the massive amounts of plastic clutter and garbage that makes its ways into our landfills, oceans, and the habitats of our wildlife, but moving to paper may also encourage more responsible forestry and lumber harvesting that, if done correctly, can create more conservation of our beautiful planet.

Unlike the Walt Disney World solar panels that destroyed hundreds of acres of carbon-capturing forests, we fully applaud the reported movement by both Coca-Cola and Walt Disney Company towards diminishing the use of quick-use plastics. While the solar panels provide a relatively small amount of power for the massive amount of nature they destroyed, the removal of plastic bottles is a win-win in every single way.

If you have followed the WDW Pro avatar for a while, you know that I also reported on changes potentially coming for the paper straws used at Disney Parks. That report came long ago, before the pandemic, and as of late we have not heard any further information about that particular item. I know that guests sometimes complain that the paper straws become soggy far too quickly and may flavor their beverages due to disintegration, but so far there has been no movement that we know of for changing the design. If that picks back up again, we will be sure to let you know.

So are you ready for all-paper bottles and lids? Let us know in the comments below. We actually do read your comments, both positive and negative, and care about what you think.

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