Disney Accused of Failing To Negotiate With Walt Disney World Cast Member Unions

(Image Credit: Unite Here Union)

Disney has been “negotiating” at deal with unions that represent Walt Disney World workers, including the Union UNITE HERE! Local 362. The Cast Members want a $3 per hour raise, taking them from $15 per hour to $18 per hour. Disney wanted to give them $1 per hour more with promises of an increase to $20 per hour over the next five years. The union members overwhelmingly voted against the proposal on February 2-3. Now Disney has come back to the negotiations and they are allegedly offering the employees less than before.

According to the UNITE HERE! Local 362 Twitter account Disney’s new proposal is “worse” than the previous one.

Today the 6 unions of the Service Trades
Council met with Disney for the first time since 13,650 Cast Members voted to reject Disney’s contract proposal on February 2 and 3.

Despite the overwhelming message sent by Cast Members, Disney refused to add even one cent to its wage proposal.

Moreover, the Disney’s proposal today reduced retroactive pay for thousands of workers, making today’s proposal is even worse than the offer already rejected.

The 6 unions will be announcing public actions soon to bring light to the plight of Cast Members struggling to survive the devastating increase in the cost of living.

While Disney is stalling and walking back offers, Universal Orlando has just announced a $17 per hour starting rate as well as improvements to Team Member spaces and perks.

The demand for qualified theme park employees has increased, Disney seemingly doesn’t understand the rules of “supply and demand.” Worker Demand is up while availability is down.

The Walt Disney Company has cited “supply and demand” when they raised ticket prices or added park pass restrictions, or raised prices on things like Genie+. Disney must think this basic rule of economics only works when it benefits them. However, they soon might find themselves down 2,500+ Cast Members as people leave to go to Universal Orlando.

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