Dinoland’s Likely Demise Has Spawned Some Hilarious Memes


Dinoland U.S.A. is located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Recently the Primeval Whirl was removed and there have been rumors for years about  Disney retheming the area and now it seems Disney is indeed working on a replacement. During the D23 Expo Josh D’Amaro suggested “blue sky” plans to replace the area with ‘Zootopia’ and / or ‘Moana.’ The news of Dinoland’s demise has cause quite a stir online.

Originally the park was meant to have a “Beastly Kingdom” and when they needed to cut the budget that went the way of the dinosaurs and the dinosaurs had their budget cut too. Many have felt that it was a cheap fill-in for what could have been. Except for the ‘Dinosaur’ ride, the area feels like a cheap cop out. It’s actually kind of the point. Disney did it deliberately as a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ joke and made it part of the theming as a “roadside attraction” that you might see along a highway.

Many people love it and many hate it. Personally, my family just likes the ‘Dinosaur’ attraction and the rest we don’t care for. However the “Bone Yard” was something my kids adored when they were younger. It’s a fun idea. But it might all be gone soon.

However the news that the countdown to extinction is on for Dinoland U.S.A. has led to amazing memes on Twitter.

Take a look!



My first thought too!

And YES to this! It felt like they just threw this stuff together for the most part.

I do agree with this.

I have to agree with people saying that if felt thrown together and that they are just going overboard on the IP insertion. I can see it in the Magic Kingdom, but not so much in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Even then Zootopia fits, Moana, not so much. On the flip side they can just appropriate all the developments from Shanghai Disney to put the Zootopia attractions in. All the research and development was already paid for. Mostly by other people.

But it did sound like it was all a “What If?” episode. A lot of disclaimers about how it’s not a sure thing were made.

Now I’m waiting for all the scalpers to preemptively clean out all the Dinoland U.S.A. merch like we saw with Splash Mountain.

(Image Credit: Theme Park Tourist)

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