Did You Know The Haunted Mansion Gargoyles Whisper?

(Photo Credit: Haunted Mansion Wiki)

Haunted Mansion gargoyles do talk, if you are visiting the attraction in Walt Disney World. Many people do not know that you can hear the gargoyles in The Haunted Mansion Stretching Room speak.

When you enter The Stretching Room everyone dashes for the Tightrope Walker portrait because the door is located there. But move farther away and stay to the back of the room.

If you look up you will see the gargoyle candelabras located around the room along the molding.

After the narrator does their pre-show dialogue and the doors open, hang back a bit. You will avoid the mad dash to the ride loading area, and you will hear the gargoyles whispering.

Mansion Music on YouTube has posted the audio of the gargoyles so you can hear it without the noises of the crowd and music. (They also have the music, narration, and sounds from other areas of the attraction.)

If you haven’t noticed this, make sure to loiter a bit in the room and you will be able to hear them whispering. I showed this to my sister and nephew when we went in June. She’s ridden the attraction many times and never noticed.

Also, if you love the Gargoyles, Lowes has ones you can buy for your home. These don’t talk but they do light up.

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Featured Photo Credit: Haunted Mansion Wiki

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