Did Lucasfilm and ILM Animation Director, Hal Hickel, Mock Jesus on Easter?


Ah, Easter, the time of year when flowers begin to bloom again and the cold of winter falls behind us. It’s symbolized with new chicks hatching from their eggs, bunnies coming out of their burrows, and for Christians around the world it is one of the most important days of the year. For the estimated 2 billion plus who categorize themselves as followers of Jesus Christ, the day memorializes and ritualizes the sacrifice and victory of their Savior that they believe provided a means of redemption for a fallen world.

For many on Twitter, it was a time to have a bit of class, even if you’re not a Christian. Mocking Jesus on Easter would be a bit like spraying water on a menorah during Hanukkah – it’s extremely poor taste and just not necessary. Now that said, I’m all in favor of free speech and if you deemed it important to denigrate Christianity on Easter, that’s your prerogative. Everyone has the right to offend. But for entertainment companies and people in the spotlight, it would seem to be a poor decision.

For Gina Carano, it was a day in which she made a very pleasant and classy post about Easter:

Meanwhile, at Lucasfilm, the Industrial Lights and Magic Animation Director who likes to brag about being on set for the Luke episode of The Mandalorian… he was taking a different approach to Easter. Hal Hickel, whose feed has been improved dramatically since the last time we did an article on his social media posts, was busy comparing Jesus Christ to “The Dude” and generally parodying the resurrection.

Now, is it the worst thing in the world? No.

But it does bring more indication to what is acceptable at Lucasfilm versus what will get you fired. Gina Carano posted on her social media account about her worries for vote integrity, about the need to not hate your neighbors, and other similar themes, and Lucasfilm slammed her in a publication while simultaneously firing her. They then removed every reference to her character they possibly could — something that has not been really seen ever in the termination of an actor or actress associated with Star Wars. I suppose that is the necessary castigation of someone who dares write the words “beep”, “bop”, or “boop”. R2D2, be afraid.

Meanwhile, Hal Hickel is still employed by Lucasfilm. He still has tweets up comparing conservatives literally to arguably the worst villains of the 20th century. He’s still made horrendous comments about sitting senators. And, overall, his history of social media posts is rather vile. But, perhaps it’s the type of vile that Lucasfilm is okay with?

A Double Standard at Lucasfilm

But it does appear that the villainy we see at Lucasfilm is beginning to have an effect. I can recall no other time since the original Star Wars launched in which the franchise has been loathed more. And that’s saying something considering the goodwill that The Mandalorian had returned to the fanbase. They’ve since squandered that with resounding success. And maybe having employees who know it’s fair game to mock Jesus on Easter is just one more little example of the culture at Lucasfilm under Kathleen Kennedy… the culture that killed Star Wars.

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