Descendants of Destruction House Announced for Halloween Horror Nights 2022 at Universal Orlando


Universal Orlando does a wonderful job with underground themed houses. They also excel at Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) theming with plant life stressing out guests.

Some of the best portions of HHN events in Orlando have been the original idea houses. In contrast to the intellectual property houses, like Halloween this year or Ghostbusters in a previous year, these original houses will not initially draw crowds to the event.

Still, as people hear about how great some of these original houses are, the interest grows as seen by “Wicked Growth” last year.

The speculation season struggled to determine the theme of one probable “original” themed house for Orlando HHN 2022 from the beginning. Horror Night Nightmares guessed that some type of sequel houses with “Wicked Growth” or “Seeds of Extinction” themes might appear for HHN 2022.

As they always say, these are educated guesses based on all available sources. If you are unaware, Horror Night Nightmares reigns as the king of HHN speculation. Yet, this year, some original themed houses presented great difficulty in determining their secret identity. Yet, this one offered less challenge than the rumored intellectual properties house that we will never see in 2022.

While Horror Night Nightmare showed restraint with their theories, Hallowed Out Horror, released two new speculation maps in July. Both listed an original house entitled “Subway Creatures Terror in Transit.” This title fits some common speculation of a large HHN house sets being built.

These sets involve a derailed subway car and a train station. Though perhaps not helpful, I started to visualize the old KongFrontation attraction. The idea of being trapped in an old subway station offers some solid horror potential. This could mirror some aspects of “Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience” from last year with abandoned location due an accident idea.

After more than a month of no official announcements about HHN 2022, a rumored “leaked” HHN 2022 shirt appeared online July 25th. They stirred up speculation as many trusted sources saw this as a legitimate “leak.” The title on that shirt read “Descendants of Destruction.” Would this be the rumored sequel/prequel to “Seeds of Extinction” from 2018? Would it have nothing to do with that? The title functions as vague enough to be anything though.

Since with a little of two weeks to go until HHN 2022 starts, only have four houses announced seemed off. However, that remained true until recently with this house announcement. Universal unveiled a huge amount of information about HHN 2022 all at once. We learn the identity of this house.

Universal said “Deep in the subway tunnels below an abandoned, toxic city, mutated humans fight for survival in “Descendants of Destruction.” The deeper one goes, the darker their fate. In the fading light of the poisoned depths, hideous creatures who’ve long ago left their humanity behind prey on all who try to make their way through the darkness.”

To the subways we go this year. Will we survive? Only time will tell my friend—Never Go Alone!

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