Dead Man’s Pier: Winter Wake Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando House Review


Based on my plans to attend multiple nights at Orlando’s version of Halloween Horror Nights, I have spent a bit too much time researching past events. Several of the original houses for this year’s event have ties to previous events. The most obvious one goes by the name “Dead Man’s Pier: Winter Wake.” This house directly connects to a very popular scare zone from the 2016 event.

As Universal Orlando said “There’s nothing charming about this ghostly New England fishing village. A phantom sea captain is summoning undead fishermen from their watery grave, a grisly crew with rotting, barnacle-encrusted bodies. Guests may have escaped their hooks in the “Dead Man’s Wharf” scare zone in 2016 – now they’d better batten down the hatches before they’re reeled in and drug under in “Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake.” For more of the speculation about this house before the official announcement, click here. If you would like to hear the backstory about this house, Universal Orlando provided this via their official podcast.

The entrance for Dead Man’s Pier: Winter’s Wake is in New York near the Tribute Store entrance. Though I lack years of in park experience at Halloween Horror Nights, this house qualifies as incredible. As of time of writing, I have been through it three times. I have also seen some sections of it during daytime hours with lights on to see full details of this house. Yes, scares will be found. However, I suspect that most of your scares in this house will connect to you being distracted by the set design.

Without spoiling the experience, this house offers an incredible number of sets and special effects to entertain guests. For example, guests should expect some large performers within this house. The seaside village setting will amaze you. As the title implies, expect some cold effects and some water-based effects. The scenery will offer a multi-level aspect. The lighthouse and musical “prop” shine as stars in this house. The creators of this house deserve some praise. The combination of a magnificent set and well-presented plot in this original house offers many reasons to experience this house.

If you are a bit timid about the scare factor at Halloween Horror Nights, this might be the “Beetlejuice” house for you this year. However, do not expect any comedy in this house. You could use it as a warm-up house for more intense scares. Yet, the hard-core intense scare fans will appreciate this house. Once again, the scares will find you in this house. Still, most of all, this house provides entertainment for many enjoyable walkthroughs during the Halloween Horror Nights 2022 season.

I hear many reputable sources declaring this house the best one for 2022. That might be a bit early. However, I doubt anyone will claim this house failed to be worth your time. Enjoy the spooky!

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