Dan Dan Noodles Confisco Grille Islands of Adventure (UOAP Exclusive Item)


Every so often, Universal Orlando provides a special perk for their annual passholders. These perks might be in the form of special entrance to the parks or a short-term discount on some items. In previous years, Universal Orlando offered “Passholder Days” with a plethora of perks. In most of May, Universal Orlando annual passholders can order secret exclusive menu items such as the Mango Ginger Kiss Doughnut at Voodoo Doughnut.

Confisco Grille interior

Until May 26th, annual passholders can dine in the upstairs area of Confisco Grille. They also have access to order the secret exclusive menu item, Dan Dan noodles. This entrée costs $21.95 before discounts. The menu description reads spicy Sichuan noodles, shaved beef, chili oil, bok choy, peanuts, and scallions. Based on other’s perspective about this noodle bowl dish, I suspect a few other key ingredients are not listed in that description.

Before I break down the noodle bowl, I want to set the scene. In terms of full-service dining places at Universal Orlando, I hear the widest range of opinions about Confisco Grille. Some declare it has the best options inside the parks. They speak about the great atmosphere and high-quality food. Whereas others, claim this place offers bad food with poor service. When it comes to so many things in life, people can have differing opinions. Still, those opinions function in almost different universes.

Confisco Grill interior

That pattern of diverse opinions shines clearly with this exclusive entrée. Of the multiple trusted sources, I discussed this noodle bowl with, half of them hated it. Whereas the other half thought the Dan Dan noodles were great. How is that even possible? Well, I collected some photos from their dining experience. In full disclosure, some of their photos cannot be published/used by me. However, with the sampling within this article, you will see a variety of presentations. Also, you will see some of these noodle bowls look appetizing while one does not look as good. For the record, that one tasted the worst.

My conclusion is ordering this exclusive entrée looks like gambling. If you get a good preparation and presentation, then a good meal awaits. However, if you do not, well you know what that means.

There were some consistencies with all these different people’s experience. First, the beef does not shine in these meals. The beef is described as inconsistent with a flavor hard to describe. The flavor on some pieces of beef complimented the broth and noodles. Yet, some pieces lacked flavor. Second, the noodles rated as good to average. The noodles depend on broth for flavor. I have no issue with broth providing flavor for the noodles but be prepared for that. Third, the broth offers the expected level of theme park spice. You will not impress anyone familiar with this dish’s normal amount of spice. Yet, it works well for a theme park version. The broth creates the flavor and holds it all together.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

So, should you order this? I doubt I can answer that for you since everyone has different flavor preferences. However, the $21.95 price point scares me a little with the potential for inconsistent quality. Once again, the people who enjoyed this noodle bowl loved it. However, one person said they preferred not to even finish it.

If it were me, I would see four entrées on Confisco’s standard menu that cost less, have bigger portion size, and taste better. I would go with those. However, you may want to venture into these spicy noodles. I respect that.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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