Crowds Descend Upon Disney’s Hollywood Studios as ‘Rise of the Resistance’ Opens Stand-by Line


Today is the day that Disney has finally opened up the stand-by queues for ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance,’ at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the crowds have come.  The popular attraction is infamous for it’s virtual queue, that usually fills up in just a couple of minutes. With everyone vying for a chance to get a boarding group pass. Historically the stand-by line was not opened, but that changed today.

Ahead of the opening the crowds descended.


The line hit around a four hour wait, but people were probably willing to wait because they would at least get a turn to ride, barring it doesn’t have one of it’s many break downs.

You can also ride more than once this way, which is a big plus!


It has gone down to about 80-100 minutes now which isn’t bad!


It’s interesting that Disney chose to do this ahead of it’s Genie+ program, but is this intentional?

We know that Disney is going to allow guests to pay for line skipping on many of their attractions either with Lighting Lane or the pay per ride system. High demand attractions, like ‘Rise of the Resistance’ will definitely be one of the larger upcharges.  Currently in Disneyland Paris some of the more popular attractions are costing up to $20 per person.

If Disney opens up the queue, as they will need to anyway with the new program, the crowds would make incredible advertising for their new system. I would not be surprised to see the the Lighting Lane upcharges fill up and then the per person, front of line access, costing more than what we are seeing at Disneyland Paris.

I’m interested to see how this all goes.

If you would like to see what all the fuss is about we have a video of “Rise of the Resistance.”

What do you think? Would you wait in this line? How much do you think Disney will charge to skip the line?

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