Could This Free-Roaming Groot Be Coming To Disney Parks?

Walt Disney Imagineering R&D Inc.

I’ll hand it to Disney Imagineering. They’re always trying to improve the park experience. What would once be thought of as blue sky dreaming has become a reality in many cases. From “working” lightsabers to fully immersive simulators, Imagineers can perform miracles as technology advances.

So, when little tech tidbits emerge that appear to show off something like a free-roaming animatronic, my mind quickly thinks of how this can be implemented in the parks. Tech Crunch posted a video today showing Project Kiwi and its three years of evolution.

What starts as a basic walking robot gets a sprinkling of Disney magic and becomes something truly amazing. The possibilities are endless for this tech as it improves. Right now, it could be Groot, but who knows where this technology could go as it scales.

Diminutive robots could perform under so many different characters. This could easily be reskinned as Grogu or Fuzzbucket. Come on; you know you want Disney to resurrect that classic character! Will it be practical for the parks, though?

If these robots are contained to a specific stage and are under the right kind of lighting, they’d be amazing to watch. It may be some years before they could easily co-mingle with guests, but it’ll happen. As you can see in the video, Groot needs the aid of a rig tethered to his head to make sure he doesn’t topple over. If we learned anything from Boston Dynamics, however, bots can perform some amazing feats.

There are no solid plans for these robots to be at the parks right now—all in due time.

Which Disney characters would you like to see get the robo treatment? Would this help increase immersion in Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Tech Crunch]

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