Could Mephisto Be the Villain in WandaVision?

Scarlet Witch with Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo on one side and Mephisto on the other

Many people are wondering if WandaVision has a villain and if so who could it be. The same name keeps coming up over and over and that is Mephisto.

We know from the comics that Mephisto has ties to the Scarlet Witch. She even had twin boys, who were accidentally created from bits of Mephisto (which sounds wrong) named Thomas and William (Tommy and Billy.) So there’s that connection as well.

Mephisto is known for the color red, he is a red demon, and we kept seeing the color red in the first two episodes, breaking in through the black and white.

Then there’s Agnes. During the second episode she kept referencing “The devil” by inserting it into phrases like “The devil is in the details.” Then there’s the husband no one ever sees.

Many are speculating that her mysterious husband Ralph might be Mephisto. During a Deadline interview with Jac Schaeffer they asked her if that could be the case and her answer was “I cannot answer that.”

Of course that doesn’t mean yes, but there something seems up with Agnes.

We also know that Wanda is going to be in the Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness movie and Doctor Strange and Mephisto have appeared together in the comics.

Then people have pointed out that in a new poster image, it appears that his face is in the wallpaper on the background.


Of course it’s all speculation, but it definitely sounds plausible. The MCU needs a new “big bad” and he definitely fits the bill, plus he ties into the history of several characters that Marvel has coming up including Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. He’s had a history with Daredevil (who’s rumored to be in the next Spider-Man film along with Wanda.) Leading into Fantastic Four territory Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer also have ties to the character.

My husband is hoping for West Coast Avengers. The town is even called Westview. Now there’s rumors of Wonder-Man showing up in Wandavision. Maybe we’ll get the white/gray version of Vision too. Who knows.

I kind of am excited to see if this is indeed the case. If not, I think I might be disappointed a bit because it sounds like he could take the MCU on one heck of a ride.

But right now it’s all just speculation

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