Could Fast Passes Return to Walt Disney World Soon? Evidence Suggests They Might


For now I’m going to call this rumor, but we are starting to see evidence that suggests FastPass+ is returning to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Many guests have been asking about when the service would return and now that the park capacities are getting closer and closer to normalizing, the lines are getting longer and longer.

I’m not going to get into why many believe the Fast Pass program actually makes for longer lines overall, but many people really enjoy the service.

Here’s why it might be coming back.

Recently several people reported that the FastPass+ icon has appeared online and on the app when they look at their upcoming trip details.

According to The Dis the icon appears and disappears when someone is working on their plans. Sometimes the appearance will cause the app to crash completely.

Which one could argue is a glitch.

But, that isn’t the only reason we think that the program might be coming back.

Some covered kiosks appeared by The Seas with Nemo at EPCOT.  They resemble FastPass+ kiosks.

They were posted on TikTok by TourguideBarbi


@tourguidebarbiThese weren’t there last week… #pleasepleaseplease #disneyparks #epcot #canitbetrue #speculation #peepthis #hmmmmmm #ispy #fyp #tgb #somethingnew♬ What’s This? – We Just Wanna Party

Our writer/friend John sent it over to us.

Is it possible it’s something else. Sure.  But they do look an awful lot like the kiosks.

I found it odd that they were lined up, in the open, by the Living Seas of all places, but John pointed out that they are in front of a construction wall. So it could just be a place to put them until they are moved, or they are going someplace behind the wall.

Who knows, but it is intriguing when combined with reports of the FP+ icon appearing on people’s bookings.

But, when it comes back with FastPass+ be the same?

This is the big question I keep asking.

Before the pandemic there were rumors about Disney making some FastPass+ options cost extra. The story then was that people would get the standard three passes, but they could pay to have more and/or possibly earlier access to get good ones.

Since people have been without it for so long, could Disney use this opportunity to monetize them in some way?

Lately Disney has been looking for everyway they can to squeeze out more money from the already over charged guests. They can only add so many people to the parks (even at max capacity) so they find other ways to get the green milk from the guests.

I could totally see Disney charging for Fast Passes in some capacity. I would be more surprised if they didn’t.

It could also be a temporary place holder until they switch everyone to the virtual queueing system.

Bob Chapek said that more attractions will use the virtual queuing system down the road. If it’s anything like ‘Rise of the Resistance’ many people might spend a lot of money visiting Disney parks and not even be able to get on attractions.

It’s okay when it’s just one ride, but if all the high demand attractions require a virtual queueing pass people might only get to ride a couple of them. Before, under the FastPass system you could wait in stand-by to ride.

At that point maybe Disney would even make FastPass+ a way to ensure a spot in the virtual queue for those willing to pay for it.

Universal has upcharged Express Passes. I’m sure Disney is watching that.  We keep seeing the “Disney difference” free perks going away and prices increasing more and more.

Who knows. All I know is that some people are reporting that the FastPass+ icon is appearing and disappearing in their options. Perhaps it’s just a glitch, but with what looks like the kiosks showing up too. I am starting to think that we might seen them back this summer.

How it will return and how long we will have it, well that is just another mystery.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: DAPSMagic, WDWinfo, TourguideBarbi

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