Could Deadpool 3 Feature The Illusive Continuity Stone?


The third (and possibly final) installment of the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool franchise is getting ready to start filming. This installment will see Deadpool team up with Hugh Jackman returning as the wild mutant hero Wolverine for the last time (again).

Not much has been said about the plot other than the two lead stars being confirmed. There have been a few rumors here and there of other X-Men alumni making appearances such as Stefan Kapičić as Colossus from the last two films and even Halle Berry as Storm from the old film series.

But one rumor does stick out and may possibly hint at what the overall story might entail. According to industry insider Jeff Snider, the story will feature the Time Variance Authority or TVA from the Loki Disney+ series and will see Owen Willson reprise his role as Agent Mobius.

Since the TVA are in charge of all multiverse disturbances seeing how Deadpool might fit into all of that could be interesting. But, what might be even more interesting is how the Infinity Stones could play a part.

The TVA are known for having multiple Infinity Stones from across the multiverse, many variations of them. But if you are a comic fan you know there are more than six (The Ego Gem for example). And one Infinity Stone in particular that hasn’t made its debut in the MCU could come into play. The all-powerful Continuity Stone.

The Continuity Stone is an Infinity Stone that Deadpool in the comics possesses and has the ability to alter continuity. While the stone itself ironically is not canon in the comics perhaps that is what Deadpool in the movies will have.

This could explain how multiple Fox-era X-Men characters have been appearing in multiple recent MCU projects like WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2. Also, it could explain how Wolverine is still alive despite dying at the end of Logan.

What do you think? Will this film feature the all-powerful Black Colored Infinity Stone?

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