Cookies and Crème Crepe at Central Park Crepes In Universal Studios Florida

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

One of the best values in terms of theme park dining resides within the Central Park area of Universal Studios Florida theme park. The crepes offered there provide good quality, taste, and portion size. Guests select between the savory variety and sweet variety. One of the safest selections sold at the aptly named Central Park Crepes goes by the name of “Cookies and Crème” crepe.

This crepe costs $9.99 plus tax before any annual pass discounts. This crepe creation comes filled with “OREO cookie crumbles, OREO mascarpone, whipped crème, chocolate ganache, and powdered sugar.”

This made to order fresh crepe offers so many positive characteristics. Starting at the top, the whipped crème with this crème has been compared to the kind at Cheesecake Factory. I think that would be an overstatement. Still, the crème tastes good. The light crepe surrounding the cookie goodness matches the other flavors very well with the right amount of chewiness. As you might imagine, you need to like “Oreo” flavors for this crepe. The touch of cookies, mascarpone, ganache, and powdered sugar fashions some sugary goodness for Oreo fans. Unless you despise a key ingredient, you will enjoy this crepe. If you like an indulgent sweet treat, this one will call to you as you walk by.

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

Of course, no food item goes without flaws. For example, toward the end of enjoying this, the combination of sugary goodness and crème can become a warm pudding type substance. Some guests feel this crepe offers only things found normally so they select other crepes. Due to that, some guests state that the crepe is good but not one they would get again.

Of course, the potential mess factor ranks high. The crepe will be filled with goodness. The cone that the crepe comes served within only can do so much. Be careful of the crepe leaking out of bottom of cone or spilling right out of the top. You will need napkins—Trust me!

Menu May 2022

Central Park Crepes often draws long lines for guests wanting these creations. The “Cookies and Crème” version has been part of the menu since this stand opened about two years ago. If you are looking for a filling sweet treat for under $10, this crepe should be on your list.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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