Cookies and Cream Cookie from Gideon’s Disney Springs


Today, in this installment of which Gideon’s Bakehouse cookie will he describe, we reach the Cookie and Cream version. Of the people I polled, this one got the most diverse opinions. Some people really liked it. Others found it to be decent but not any better than a regular priced cookie (just bigger I suppose). I will strive to explain the variance in terms of enjoyment by guests.

Like all Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies, these cost $6 each. Also, you should expect a theme park attraction level queue when going to visit the Disney Springs location. Most people who wait within this queue feel vindicated when they gather their bounty of Gideon’s Bakehouse products.

So, what about this cookie?

Gideon’s bakehouse marketing describes it as a cult cookie. They state that people who love it want to convert people to try it. Even though I find major flaws with their improper use of term “cult”, I appreciate the thinking. People who really liked this seemed to want everyone to like it also. This cookie consists of a vanilla bean style cookie. This cookie comes covered in what appears to be “double-stuff” level Oreo style cookie crumbles. In case that is not enough “Oreo” flavor, the cookie itself contains large amount of “Oreo” cookies crumbs also.  Thus, “Oreo” fans love this cookie.

Of all Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies, the presentation factor for these rates the lowest. The “Oreo” cookie crumbles may taste good but do not look fabulous initially compared to the Peanut Butter Crunch ones for example. Despite that potential negative, these cookies were soft making them easy to cut for sharing purposes.

Now, the flavor overall rates as solid. However, the sugar or sweetness level tasted far lighter than other Gideon’s cookies like the Pistachio Toffee one. I found that to be actual negative with this one.

gideon's disney springs

Should you consider this cookie?

Yes, if you are a large “Oreo” cookie fan since this raises that flavor immensely. Are you looking for a great cookie with less intense chocolate and sugar flavor? If so, then this cookie will work for you. If not, then focus on the other high-quality cookies at Gideon’s Bakehouse.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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