Confisco’s Ahi Tuna Nachos Review


As I have mentioned in other places, I have begged editors to let me write about nachos. Maybe you share my personal preoccupation with nachos. Perhaps, you consider nachos to be the world’s easiest and most enjoyable food. If so, you should consider the Ahi Tuna Nachos at Confisco’s Grille in Islands of Adventure.

Recently, I wrote a review of the similar item at Yak and Yeti over at Disney’ Animal Kingdom. Those two nachos offer very similar flavors and quality. The Confisco’s Grille version receives rave reviews from veteran Universal Orlando visitors.

The menu description reads “sesame seared ahi tuna, diced avocado, edamame, Napa cabbage, jalapeno, micro cilantro, wonton chips, scallions, sweet soy, and wasabi aioli drizzles.” As opposed to the Animal Kingdom offering, these nachos cost only $14.

Though they are sharable, they fail to match the portion size of Yak and Yeti version and the Volcano Nachos at Margaritaville in CityWalk.

As mentioned, they cost significantly less. Confisco’s often gets overlooked by guests. Many guests fail to notice it as they race by trying to get to Hogsmeade area. This location also gets overlooked since Mythos resides in same park.

So, what should guests know about these nachos? First, they are not traditional Mexican American style nachos. You should have determined that from the menu description. Confisco’s does offer a more traditional cheese and chili style nachos though.

The presentation of these ahi tuna nachos sets the tone for enjoying the nachos. Based on nacho construction, very few bites lack solid flavor. You will not be found with only chips lacking toppings. Some guests wish there were more wonton chips in fact. The sweet soy and wasabi aioli take a solid plate of tuna raising it to a higher level of seasoning. The crisp wonton chips will satisfy even the most die-hard nachos fan.

Those wonton chips look great while forming a solid base.

Though, the only flavor I did not enjoy was the avocado based on its taste and texture. Please bear in mind, I loathe most avocado. You might appreciate the avocado immensely.

In contrast, the tuna possessed solid flavor. Yet, the flavor did not reach the height of the Yak and Yeti version. However, I do not feel the slightly better tuna flavor warrants paying several money dollars more. Now, portion size serves as a good reason.

The toppings to chip ratio worked very well. However, compared to other nachos options at Orlando area theme parks, this appetizer could be eaten by one very hungry person. Now, realistically, this is very sharable if you are ordering entrees also. Yes, I wish the portion size was larger. However, that would increase the overall price noticeable. At $14, these nachos will assist most any budget. Overall, this is solid full-service dining option that will not keep you from enjoying your day at Universal Orlando.

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