Come to Walt Disney World For–The Walls!

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Disney has so many new things coming to it’s parks like Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Epcot’s “re-imagining” but what is Disney promoting as the “must visit” now?

The Instagram walls.

Disney is running a spot targeted to kids, with the cast of Sydney to the Max and Bunk’d that promotes the thing kids want most of all….walls.

Nathan Hartman on Twitter (who has a Disney podcast, writes articles and is pretty cool) shared this tweet from @ParkscopeNick:


It’s a video of these kid show stars showing off the magical and wondrous walls of Walt Disney World.  I can honestly say that I have been more interested in the walls at Disney parks than my kids.

“Please mom! I really want to go to Walt Disney World! They have walls!”

At the end of the entire thing, it was a promotion for their new Rhino Wall at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. #Rhinowall  They made sure to put all the hashtags in for the other walls they were pushing too #purplewall, #popsiclestickwall, #bubblegumwall, #blueberrywall, and the #mosswall.

My son watched the video, laughed and said “Is this a joke post?”

So Disney has all this power, and all these amazing properties, and they make a TV spot to get kids interested in the parks with walls.  It reminds me of the rumored story going around that they reason they took out the Star Wars table service restaurant with actors and theming was because people didn’t need that kind of thing and they would be entertained just as much by taking pictures of food and putting it on Instagram.

Look, I love Disney parks. Contrary to what some people think, I am all about Disney magic and pixie dust, but I’m also pragmatic and a mom and I don’t think this spot is going to go they way they hoped it would.

People come to the parks for Disney magic, attractions, the amazing cast members, and memories, not the walls. Yes, some people who are “influencers” or want to be “influencers” are all about them, but walls really aren’t what people are paying for at the parks. It’s like the frosting flower on a cake, it’s yummy and over the top sweet, but it isn’t the cake.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: @somestuffsaid on Twitter



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