ColourPop’s Website Crashed During Hocus Pocus Line Launch- Launching Tomorrow Now


Yes now launching tomorrow after people wasted hours waiting.

Well, it’s been almost an hour and a half and there still hasn’t been a launch of the highly anticipated ‘Hocus Pocus’ line on ColourPop.

The launch was to take place at 10 AM PST / 1PM EST and as someone who’s been trying to purchase the eyeshadow palette, it has been a mess.

Randomly a few pieces popped up like the eye liners and body glitter, but then the site started asking for a password and then said it was being accessed too many times. Now the few items that were showing up are gone.

People are not happy!


I too have been sitting here since the start and have not been able to get anything.

A lot of people are asking for it to be rescheduled:

Some may get their wish. This was posted on Twitter. They said that they are postponing till tomorrow at 10 AM PST



As expected they are going on eBay.

Not as many as I thought there would be. So looks like bots aren’t scoring either.

I’m hoping we can get through at some point, but I must agree with this tweet:

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Twitter (all tweets belong to their posters)

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