Coke Kiosk in Universal Orlando CityWalk


Hello, I am Jon Self, a soft drink fanatic who’s tasted just about every soft drink on the planet. But now, I am on a quest for the best diet sodas at Orlando area theme parks. I take on these legendary challenges. I am not a professional soft drinker-just a regular guy with a diet soda addiction. However, I have discovered in the eternal battle of Coke vs Pepsi, Coke won. Well, at least in terms of soft drinks you can order within an Orlando area theme park. Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando all sell exclusively Coke products.

As someone who enjoys bringing a Pepsi Zero Sugar within the Wizarding World, Coke reigns supreme at almost all Universal Orlando property (except Wizarding World areas where no soft drinks are sold). A large indicator of Coke winning the theme park soft drink wars resides in a prominent place in the CityWalk area. The Coke Kiosk will be seen by almost every guest at Universal Orlando. This kiosk sells a variety of food and beverage options also.

So, what can you get here? First, breakfast items are sold here from 8:00am-11:00am. These breakfast options are standard fast food breakfast options. I would not recommend any of the options here. However, if you are in a hurry seeing a short queue for food there, I will not judge.

Guests can also purchase standard theme park food here. The only obvious exception sold here is the empanadas. Other that those empanadas, which taste average here, expect standard theme park food. You can get hot dogs, churros, pretzels, corn dog, and chips.

On a positive note, guests can buy popcorn and soft drinks here. Now, that may not sound significant to you. However, let me suggest this kiosk located in CityWalk provides a bonus in terms of popcorn and beverages.

In recent years, a Coke freestyle machine appeared on the backside of the CityWalk Coke kiosk. With that addition, anyone purchasing or recharging a Coke freestyle cup can refill their cup at this machine. Based on this, guests may refill their theme park popcorn bucket and theme park Coke freestyle cup in CityWalk. So, if you are taking a lunch break in CityWalk, then you can refill your Coke freestyle cup at this kiosk.

If you are like me with a soft drink addiction, this Coke kiosk in CityWalk could serve as a mecca. Of course, sometimes I get PowerAde Zero or VitaminWater Zero. Whatever your Coke beverage choice, this kiosk will be happy to help you.

As always, eat like you mean it! Well in this case enjoy your soft drinks also. Have a good day. Thanks for reading.


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