Club Cool Now Only Allows One Cup Per Guest, But It May Be Temporary


If you have visited Club Cool in EPCOT you know it’s a fun stop that lets guest try several different coke products from around the world, including the infamous Beverly. Many people go in and get cups to try different flavors, personally I would use one cup myself but many would get different cups (they are tiny) to try the different flavors. Now, according to social media, guests are only allowed to have one cup.

It seems that you are handed your cup when you enter and the cup dispensers are empty.

You can see them full in this image:

Sounds like it could be another cost cutting measure by Josh D’Amaro and Bob Chapek. Given how much the ticket costs at EPCOT have gotten, they can afford the small amount for cups that only some guests will use.

However it is possible that this may just be temporary thing as one person said they believe it’s due to low cup stock.

Here is what other people are saying:


I think there seems to be valid arguments on both sides. Hopefully it’s true that it is a temporary measure due to supply issues. Again, I only use one so it isn’t a big deal for me but I could see how it would upset others.

I’m sure most guests will be fine with it until they start charging $5 a guest for a cup to try the “unlimited” sips.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Hat tip to ITM

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