Closer Look At ‘Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction’ March Mad Tea Party (Cups) Line


I am loving the new Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction line this year and I can’t wait for March to release!

March’s theme is going to be Mad Tea Party (Tea Cup ride) and the designs are beautiful. Very Spring-like and remind me of what you would find out there in Easter attire.

Twitter poster @BeingMommyWithStyle has given us a better look at the collection (the Magic Band is even in there)


The Magic Band looks like it has a tea cup on it and a Mad Tea Party print all over the band.

We can get a good look at the Loungefly Backpack too!

It also has the Mad Tea Party design on it. I love the ears on the bag.
Both the Loungefly bag and Minnie have the Tea Cup Accent piece.

Minnie Mouse herself looks so soft in both the colors and the texture!

The ears. These are my favorite ears so far!

I just love them! There is also a rumor that Disney is going to produce more ears so they don’t sell out so quickly. If this is true I wouldn’t expect a boost in availability until April or  May.

The ears seem to have the same soft fabric as the While velour on the Minnie Mouse plush.  It has the same bow as Minnie and it’s done in the same colors with the aqua trim. The ear parts seem to be a costume satin with the Mad Tea Cup print that matches the Loungefly backpack and Magic Band.

I love the veil on this one too!

Here’s a look at the three pins that will available.

The March collection will come out on March 21st.

By the calendar April appears to be “It’s a Small World’ and May should be “The Enchanted Tiki Room.” Stay tuned for more as it becomes available.

What do you think? Which Pieces do you like? Comment and let us know!

Sources: ShopDisney, @BeingMommyWithStyle on Twitter, and Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Buy/Sell/Trade Group on Facebook (I recommend you join if you collect these!)

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