Classic Star Wars Toys and Merchandise at Walmart Including Exclusive Funko Pop Figures


On Friday, October 4, the new Star Wars toys and merchandise were released. While there are toys for Rise of Skywalker, there definitely seems to be a push for classic Star Wars merchandise and toys as well.

I think it’s because Disney and Lucasfilm are trying to appeal to the nostalgia to “win back” the polarized fandom. I am all for classic Star Wars so it works for me, but I did notice that a lot of items at my local Walmart were based on the original trilogy.

Here’s a look at some of the classic “Commemorative Editions” items I found at at my local Walmart.  Of course I did buy Wicket and R2-D2 because they were too cute not to.

There was a collectibles kiosk by the electronics section at my local Walmart. They had these items:

Classic Trilogy Plushies with Pins (2 collectibles in 1) at $9.96 each

There were 4 choices

Wicket (which I immediately bought)

Darth Vader


Chewbacca (he’s cute, but looks a little odd to me. If he didn’t I would have bought him too)

Just the pins would be $10 at the parks!

Then they had these adorable Bump N’ Go R2-D2 toys. They roll around and make sounds. I’m going to try to do a video review of this later! The kiosk had the top section for R2-D2 and BB-8 and the rest were all D-Os.  I have to tell you I got the last R2-D2. There were 2 BB-8s left and not one D-O was sold. There were 3 rows of D-O.

They also had Funko items!

Walmart Exclusive Funko Pop! – $8.78

There were 3 options of Funko Pop! exclusives. All were done in the metallic gold.



Darth Vader

There were also Funko T-shirts – $14.88

These are really popular. Already the one whole side was gone on the kiosk. There is one for each classic film and the box looks like the old VHS tapes. When you open it there’s a T-shirt, with a corresponding film poster, design inside! I loved them! So cool!

Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Aren’t they awesome!  I just love how the boxes even look worn! Funko usually nails it!

There are other classic toys that were released I saw the other day.

Gold “Commemorative Series” 2 Pack Action Figures – $14.92




They had some classic figures mixed in with the new ones. I do like how they are “Kenner”

Found an X-wing Luke (all the bubbles were smashed and card backs bent or torn though)

I’m sure a lot of other stores have more so keep checking!  But I am super excited about all the classic trilogy items.

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